Susu and her grandson surrounded by balloons
Susan is second from the right. Net to Dean Sawyer. In front of the pink banner.

Vanderbilt University Grad

Susan graduated from Vanderbilt's Blair School of Music in May of 1991 with a degree in vocal performance. As salutatorian of her 12 member class she processed in with the pink banner and carried it on stage at graduation.


National Magazines and Blogs

Widowed young, Susan set out as a single parent in 1996. In time, her experiences found their way to the written page and her first story was accepted for national publication in 2005. Since that time, Susan has had numerous blog posts and stories published in a myriad of sources. And in March 2016, she published her first book, The Great Undoing and My Journey Home.


The Music

While writing remains therapeutic, adding music to words brings a new dimension to Susan's creative expression. Five CD's later, you can experience the depth of her loves and losses, including a newly released CD of children's music, titled, Butterfly Day.